Watsu ®

 Watsu ® is:

watsu-onda Therapy
watsu-onda Bodywork
watsu-onda Personal growth

Watsu ® is a gentle body therapy held in warm water, around 35° c.

Mother of aquatic bodywork, watsu was created on the basis of zen shiatsu, by therapist Harold Dull in the early 1980.

The one who receives the session is continuously supported and floating, by the arms of the therapist and by the water, being upheld, elongated and carried by the currents. Quiet movements alternate with rhythmic movements to release the body in ways not achievable when practiced on the ground. Hot water dissolves the tension of muscles and mind which soothes the soul and promotes deep relaxation.

These benefits are produced in both, the giver and the receiver. These are three main points that should be present at a session of Watsu ®


Works by giving relief to conditions related to stress, depression, and pain.


Stimulates the blood flow and activities our bodies, which is increasing the bodies natural ability to regenerate.

Personal growth

is a tool to connect with yourself and with the whole, hence reaching deeper levels of your being.

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