Sacred fire energy alignment

Is a therapy that was created by Dior Shaman Allem, who lived for many years with indigenous tribes in Brazil. On his journey as a pharmacist, researching the cures and treatments of diseases through the plants and indigenous ancestral knowledge.

The therapy has changed when Dior and Monica Ocampo (therapist) systematized the method, making this therapy more accessible to all people in urban centers. The practice has no religious or ritualistic slant. It is the Union of Indigenous wisdom through the sensitive energy pathways, seen trough the eyes of quantum physics.

During the session the patient will most of the time have a passive form.

We have four steps:

1°) Reading of the field:

The therapist by your sensitivity connects with the patient’s energy field, doing a reading, identifying main points of the person and any questions to be worked with. At this time, the patient may act actively, bringing the feedback and showing his identification with the subject studied.

2°) Cleaning and harmonization of the energy field:

At this stage it is necessary to have two therapists, one to canalize and one to guide; the one who canalizes , through their sensitivity is responsible for capturing, expressing and giving voice to the emotions and of the patients needs and in line with the issue to be worked on. The guide has the role to assist and to lead the one who canalizes through dialogue, awareness and helping to trans mutate the energy bodies toward the dimension of Christ consciousness.
The patient becomes aware of their own patterns of behavior.

3°) Reading of healing:

Once the patient has become aware of the patterns then it is time for the therapist who canalize to read the patients highest potential, flowing without the emotional charge that was trans mutated while cleaning and harmonizing the energy field.

4°) light body:

The patient receives a message of healing associated with a mantra or phrase-which serves as a way of connecting to this new vibrational frequency.

Finalization: the final embrace

The stimuli received by the patient in this treatment will need time to be intergraded, be absorbed and understood, next session may only be held after a period of 3 months, to better synthesize the content.

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