Women Temple

We gather in a circle where every woman is unique in her own charming way of being.

We dive deep into the practices that opens us up to the source of the vast inherent inner wisdom.

We connect with the bliss of devotion and truth in our hearts. 

We align ourselves with the dignity and grace of the female warrior.

We share with infinite compassion, silence and beauty.

We find ourselves beyond our personal stories, connecting with the soul of the feminine essence.

Together We create a harmonious environment for practices, that explore and celebrate our feminine power through meditation, movement, tap, dance, introspection, beauty, wisdom and fellowship. There is no more powerful place to do it than in a circle of conscious women. 

“The relationship we have with other women reflects the relationship we have with our own feminine essence. 

We take a new position for the way of being a woman on this planet together. 

Together we can heal and transform ourselves in a celebration of the relationship and strengthening´´ – Chameli Ardagh Awakening Women Institute.


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