Tantsuyoga e Tantsu – 25 e 26 de Agosto de 2018 – Woodside

25 e 26 de Agosto de 2018 – Woodside

This class is 16 hours Saturday – Sunday in Woodside…
pavana@watsu.com Phone; 707 684 0207

The following modules can be attended individually:
Tantsuyoga Rounds … 08/25/2018-08/25/2018
Tantsu Anterior Cradle … 08/26/2018-08/26/2018

Tantsu is whole body work. There are two core positions, the Posterior Cradle in which we hold someone’s whole body from the back and the Anterior Cradle in which our whole body holds someone facing us. In this workshop’s first day’s Tantsuyoga Round you will learn both positions with the support of a third that helps you connect deeply with your eyes closed. On the second day you will apply what you learned to a complete one on one Core Tantsu focusing on the movement from within (Tantsu brings Watsu on land.)

In Tantsu, as in Watsu, rounds of three help us learn whole body holds, and how deeply we can connect when the support of a third helps us keep our eyes closed. The deeper the connection, the more the movement from within calls to us in similar positions in one on one sessions.
In this workshop you learn a complete Tantsuyoa Round that you can introduce to your fiends, and how to share the basic one on one Core Tantsu.

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